Dr Mohamed Rashidinz Shariff

Dr Mohamed Rashidinz Shariff, PhD, ND, MNSc, BNSc(Hons), is a Naturopathic Physician registered in Australia. He hold a Doctor of Naturopathy as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Science. Besides that he is also trained in Malay Traditional Medicine and martial arts, Silat.

Dr Rashidinz is a Lead Naturopath and Founder of  Hikmah Naturopathic Consultancy, a Naturopathic Clinic based in Singapore and Malaysia. He specializes in treating chronic illnesses using alternative medicine, seeing patients from the common colds up to cancer and other life threatening diseases.

His treatment includes, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Vitamins and minerals, dieting, as well as Osteopathic Manipulation and different forms of body or manual therapies. He is also a Malay Traditional Medicine Physician. This he has been doing since his teenage days, learning from different Masters from Singapore and Malaysia. His practice of this includes Malay Herbs, massage, different mantras, and shamanistic healing.

Besides these, Dr Rashidinz also teaches naturopathy and malay medicine as well as silat with students from all over asia.


At Hikmah Naturopathic Consultancy, we provide various consultation depending on the need of the community. Click here to find our more about our Naturopathic and Homeopathic Consultation.

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Dr Rashidinz is trained in different forms of bodywork and manual therapies. Ranging from the Traditional Malay Massage which is learned since his teens, he has trained in different hard and soft tissue manipulations. Click here to find our more about the therapies done personally by Dr Rashidinz

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Malay Energy Medicine uses a specific form of energy flow that is helpful to treating different illness. This can be done direct to the patient or from a distance. To know more please do click here.

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Malay Traditional Medicine, just like it's counterpart Traditional Chinese Medicine, covers different branches in order to help maintain health and wellness. For more information, click here.


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