What is Malay Traditional Medicine Aura Surgery (MTMAS)?

Based on the philosophy of Malay Traditional Medicine, this technique utilizes the body's inert energy system to perform a surgical procedure for illness thus healing or curing them. This healing method have been used for centuries in the Malay Peninsular.In MTMAS, what we as therapist do is to cut thru the aura of certain organ to "clean" it or even in certain cases change the organ to a new one. MTMAS is organ or illness specific and not just using aura as based normally, which is covering the body.
Types of Illness We Can Treat

Aura Surgery can be done either in person or from a distance (of which using a photo or via skype). There a re a number of illness that we can treat, namely:

- Growths/Cancers
- Nerve complains
- Bone complains
- Stones
- Internal Bleeding
- Change of organs due to chronic illness
- Black magic complains
To watch some of our videos you can follow this link, or you can follow us on our Youtube Channel here.

MTMAS can be done either in person or distance. Dr Rashidinz provide zoom consultation for patients from different parts of the world. Treating them using this traditional technology. For more information about it, do contact Dr Rashidinz.