Traditional Malay  Medicine covers a variety of techniques, knowledge, theories and philosophies. Based on the 4 elements, Fire, Water, Earth and wind, Malay Medicine develops treatments according to individual patients, environment, as well as the mental status of the person.

3 main categories in Traditional Malay Medicine are Internal, External and Energetic. Internal medicine includes, diets, herbs, minerals as well as the basic aspect of drinking energised water. External, covers massage, pre-natal or post-natal, bone cracking or bone-setting, herbal detox process called gurah and other forms done externally on the body. Energetic covers the spiritual and emotional aspects of healing. This helps treat the mental well-being of the individual.

Dr Rashidinz has been trained in this healing form since the age of 16. He has been practicing using Malay Energy Medicine since then. For further information about it do feel free to contact him personally.

For videos of Dr Rashidinz treating patietns using Malay Energy Medicine, do click here