“Jabat Urat” – Malay traditional massage may overcome impotence problems

As featured in Berita Minggu, 3 April 2005.

“Jabat Urat” – Malay traditional massage may overcome impotence problems

Frequently, male impotence remedies are linked to pills and capsules such as Viagra.  Do you realize there is one technique of Malay traditional massage called “Jabat Urat” that has been used hundreds of years ago to defeat male impotence?

At present, we have identified a Malay doctor of traditional medicine or naturopathy who offers services to cure impotence problems as well as early stage stroke.

Mr. Mohamed Rashidinz Shariff, who has the title of a “Doctor” in his field of traditional medicine, explained that Jabat Urat is a branch of Malay traditional massage but it does not use the same usual massage technique such as stroking. Rather, Jabat Urat technique is done by pressing on certain spots on the body.

In a small space of a clinic at 39, Kreta Ayer Road, which he shared with another naturopath doctor, Mr. Mohamed Rashidinz, 32, who seemed bashful at the beginning, explained:

“Jabat Urat is actually popular in Malaysia and Indonesia. I know a family who has been practicing and preserving this technique for four generations. This shows that Jabat Urat technique might have been practiced for more than 200 years.”

According to him, Jabat Urat means pressing on affected nerves. Patient will feel relieved after the treatment with released gas and improved blood circulation. The technique would usually begin with whole body massage to improve blood circulation before pressing certain points on the body.

It usually takes 3 to 7 sessions to notice any improvement. Massage oils such as Sandalwood, Lime and Tongkat Ali are also used to further refresh and energize the body.

Common male issues, according to him, include condition of the penis and testicles. This causes impotence and fertility issues.

“These problems can be caused by two factors: gas and fat. Too much masturbation brings in too much gas.  Other causes are illness such as Diabetes, High blood pressure and stress”, he explained.

Wound and hernia can also be treated with Jabat Urat.

So, how does Jabat Urat massage technique help men?

Mr. Mohamed Rashidinz said that Jabat Urat can help improve the function of genitals such ejaculation and longer erection.

He had treated a 60 year old Chinese patient who had his erection problem solved after receiving Jabat Urat treatment.

“My patients are mostly non-Malays. Malays are perhaps too reserved. They would come without the knowledge of their wives”, said Mr. Rashidinz who has treated between 100 to 150 patients who came for Jabat Urat treatment within six years of his career.

Possessing good bed-etiquette, he had never made his patient feel exposed. A cloth is used to cover between the navel and knees throughout treatment.

“Initially it felt awkward but after thinking that I could save others to have children, improve marital relationship as well as avoid marital conflict and divorce, I chose to sharpen my skill,” he said.

Mr. Mohamed Rashidinz studied Naturopathy for 11 years and has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in that field (which includes Homeopathy) from Youngston Institute of Natural Science in Australia. He is now pursuing his Master’s degree in the same field.  He learnt Jabat Urat from 3 different experts from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

He and his wife, Mdm Rohanah Amin, who too offers Jabat Urut massage for ladies, have two children aged 2 and 4 years. For more information on this massage technique, please call 6323-6652.

Marital Relationship May Be Affected

There are many kinds of male genital problems and they may not only affect relationships but fertility as well.

Dr. Mohamed Rashidinz Shariff mentioned examples of male genital problems such as too soft, too small, not too hard, early ejaculation, weak ejaculation, narrow, and short.

With Jabat Urat, massaging 12 different nerves around the genital area can solve all these problems. For example, a small or short penis can be enlarged up to 2 or 3 centimeters through Jabat Urat.

The 12 nerves are:

  • 2 nerves from above the buttocks down to both sides of the buttocks (4 nerves altogether).
  • One nerve from the navel to the penis.
  • 2 nerves from the prostate to both testicles (4 nerves altogether)
  • One nerve on each testicle
  • One nerve from bottom to top of the penis.

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